About us

We're here to take you
to the next level

Part of being a respected engineer in the workplace is both being savvy but looking the part. ANYONE can buy mainstream smartwatches, but only wizards buy based on features, function, and style NOT just name.


12 years in business.


5.200 watches sold.


98% customer statisfication.

Our story

We set to provide tech savy problem solvers
with the best smartwatches on the market.

We believe part of being a great engineer is having the best gadgets, and although we've used the mainstream stuff like the apple watch and fitbit, we set to engineer the most advanced smartwatch on the market.

We've been there, done that


Our team

Tech Wizards

Cristian Smith

Product Manager

I mainly play ping pong all day.
Jessica Brown

E-Commerce Manager

I sourced those awesome watches for the store, least nerdy one on the team.
Jhon Anderson

Data Scientist

X silicon valley, Y startup, Z unicorn. I am a data scientist at heart but now I help other people look the part.
Javender Singh

Senior Full Stack Dev

I help make sure our Tech is modern and running without bugs, no easy task!.