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Refunds & Shipping

30 day returns for a full refund, no questions asked.

We generally deliver in 5-8 days worldwide, but in some cases it can be up to 2 weeks.

We partner with a third party premimum logistics company, which tracks all updates to your item with shipping tracker

It's free, always

Customer Support

The Elevate does not come with an offical warrenty period, but if there's an issue reach out to customer support via [email protected] and our technicans will take care of you.

Email us or chat real-time with our chat widget in the bottom right corner. Our email is [email protected].

Immediately after ordering we send you a confirmation email with your order, and your tracking number used with our tracking number. We will also let you know when the item has shipped via email.

We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative. Leave us a review on TrustAdvisor or on Google, we'll send you an email encourgaging a review as well

Elevate & Company

The price varies per model based on manufactering costs, but it's between 69.99 to 99.99 USD

Founded by engineers, we're a small business operating out of Toronto, Canada. We have a passion for technology, especially stlyish technology, and really love the Elevate that we created.

Amazon has become overrun with overpriced products and fraud therefore many quality brands refuse to do business with them. By buying directly from the source, you get a cheaper, better quality product.

We're a newer company and we applied for our first trademark on the Elevate in the year 2022

Checkout our positive reviews online, socials, and chat with us via real-time chat and make a decision for yourself